ECU Repair Service

Which products we repair

Heavy Vehicle ECU

Mercedes Euro6 MCM Engine ECU Repair
Mercedes Euro6 EBS ECU Repair Wabco
Mercedes MR PLD Engine ECU Repair
Mercedes Actros GS ECU Repair
Mercedes Axor GS2 Gearbox ECU
Mercedes CPC/ FR Repair
Mercedes Bus FPS Repair

EDC7 Engine ECU Repair
FFR Drive Management ECU
ZBR ECU Repair (lighting)
PTM Drive Management ECU
ASTronic Engine Gearbox Repair

SCANIA S6 Engine ECU Repair
Scania COO7 Coordinator ECU Repair 
SCANIA S8 Engine ECU Repair

BMC 1142 Engine ECU Repair
BMC 1144 Engine ECU Repair
Otokar Sultan Engine ECU Repair


Passanger Car ECU:


With the development of technology, vehicles produced in recent years are controlled by electronic control units. Various malfunctions occur in these units due to various reasons. Since these ECU is very sensitive, they should be repaired by experienced and knowledgeable people.

As Tutku Electronics, your faulty electronic devices, cards or ECU ; From the moment you accept our price offer, we repair and check it as soon as possible and deliver it to you.
We do not have a diagnostic fee.

Our ECU  repair services include Bmc ECU repair, Cargo ECU repair, Man ECU repair, Mercedes ECU repair and Scania ECU repair.

For detailed information and questions,please call +90 (232) 479 58 86

last update : 05.11.2021

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