UDM Truck Tool

Udm Truck Tool

We are very pleased to present to you the latest product that we have started to develop UDM Truck Tool. It is a completely new product for trucks, buses, industrial engines, agricultural machinery, outboard engines, boat engines, etc. We are starting to add new and diverse functionalities, different brands and different models. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we can add functionalities that they want. The software will have different activations for the individual functionalities and everyone can choose depending on what they want to do. UDM Truck Tool works with Security dongle and J2534 hardware that supports 24 volts. 

Supported J2534 Adapters:
Scania VCI2 (j2534 driver needed)
Scania VCI3 (j2534 driver needed)
Open Port J2534 
Chipsoft Lite J2534 

Activation 1:

EMS S6 - Engine Control Unit Scania models - HPI and PDE engines from 2004 till 2015 year
Scania EMS S6 FLASH Read/Write

Activation 2:

EMS EMD1 and S8 - Engine Control Unit Scania models - DC9,13,16 Series G,P,R, Euro5/6; Bus, Industrial, Di(marine), Doosan, Komatsu
Scania EMS EMD1 and EMS S8 FLASH Read/Write

Activation 3:

COO7 - Coordinator unit - Scania models from 2004 till 2020 year. Euro 4/5/6. Series G, P, R, S
Scania COO7 FLASH Read/Write
Scania COO7 Parameter Read/Write


Security dongle - 50 euro (Buy once. Used for all current and future activations. If you already have a dongle with Simplediag you can use that too)
Software Activation 1 - 300 euro
Software Activation 2 - 300 euro
Software Activation 3 - 300 euro
Annual subscription after first year —> 200 euro (the price is fixed no matter the number of activations)

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